Hikes Sunday 9Th July


Bose Lake
D+ 400 m, D-400 m, time 2h 30’ Max altitude 1.570 m

Ring hike. After a stretch in the woods (coming across some votive chapels) we get to an area of pastures where the path becomes panoramic and, locally, quite steep. We get to the hidden Bose Lake and descend comfortably on the opposite side of the basin.



Monte Cucco
D+ 400 m, D-400 m, time 3h 45’ Max altitude 1.527 m

Pleasant circular hike with departure and arrival in Oropa. We climb towards Colma Hill, then along a hillside path towards the abandoned hamlet of Alpone Superiore. The next portion gets to the Monte Cucco plateau, from which you can enjoy a panorama that embraces the city of Biella and, in case of good visibility, reaches as far as the Apennines. Comfortable and shady descent through the Path of the Priests. No fountains along the route.



Mucrone Lake
D+ 750 m, D-750 m, time 4h 45’ Max altitude 1.890 m

It’s a quite challenging circular hike reminding us of the old climbs to Mucrone lake of the early 19th century when the cable car did not yet exist (currently under renovation). From Oropa, a winding climb brings us to the refuge Rosazza, from which we can reach the lake walking along the hillside. Descent to the sanctuary along the path D11. Good training and confidence with difficult paths are mandatory, hiking boots are essential, better if high.


Monte Tovo
D+ 1.050 m, D- 1.050 m, time 5h 45’ Max altitude 2.230 m

The climb from Oropa to Tovo takes place along less travelled paths, but the summit is a classic destination in the Biellese Alps. If conditions permit, it will be a circular hike with ascent along the path D14 and descent from Alpe Pisse, otherwise ascent and descent will coincide.



Monte Camino
D+ 1.200 m, D- 1.200 m, time 6h00’ Max altitude 2.388 m
Ring hike culminating on the Monte Canino (superb view and refuge just below the summit). Long stony stretches and a challenging final climb. During the descent we’ll come across a pretty lake.