Hikes Saturday 8Th July


The Path of the Priests
D+ 80 m, D- 80 m, time 1h 30’ Max altitude 1.287 m
Easy linear walk along a hillside path. The first portion of the hike takes place inside the Memorial Park along tombstones commemorating the casualties of the city of Biella during WW1. It continues in the beech and pine woods with panoramic views of the Sanctuary of Oropa, the plain and the surrounding mountains. Then the road turns into a path with easy stony ground, and we reach the Cucco farm (1,287 m) with a large and shady tree where we can enjoy a wide and panoramic view.Remark: those who wish can climb to Monte Cucco on their own.



From Biella to Oropa
D+ 750 m, D- 50 m, time 4h 00’ Max altitude 1.180 m
This hike connects Biella, which will be reached by bus, with the Sanctuary of Oropa always walking on a path or dirt roads. For a long stretch the route is almost flat and runs alongside the Oropa creek. Then we find long wooded stretches crossing small villages and pastures until reaching the forest surrounding the Sanctuary.


From Cossila S.Giovanni to Oropa through Burcina
D+ 1.000 m, D- 300 m, time 4h 15’ Max altitude 1.180 m
Linear hike (starting point reached by bus). From the 550m-high Cossila S. Giovanni to Oropa, all the route stretches itself along a variety of paths, dirt and small paved roads. We cross the famous Burcina botanical park which is worth a stop. Due to the low altitude, a good water supply is advisable.


Rosso Lake
D+ 1.000 m, D-1.000 m, time 6h 15’ Max altitude 2.180 m
Hike on stony terrain with some quite challenging passages. After 2 / 2.5 hours we reach the Mucrone lake (fountain and break for breakfast). After further 1.5h (also passing through a slightly exposed passage) the destination is reached. Descent along the same route.

Remark: for those who wish, from the lake it is possible to reach the summit of Monte Rosso climbing along steep trail tracks.


Monte Mucrone
D+ 1400 m, D- 1400 m, time 7h 30’ Max altitude 2.347 m
Up to Alpe Settefontane is a progressive climb with a view over the plain. Then the path gets sharply steeper. The summit of the Monte Mucrone is particularly panoramic and offers a view over Turin, Superga, Musinè, Monte S. Giorgio and Monviso from one side and Monte Mars and Monte Camino from the other one. Descent passing by the Mucrone lake.